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Volume 16 • Number 18
July 10, 2015
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Employees Recognized for Years of Service
Employees celebrating 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of employment were recognized during a May 7 luncheon on the Blanton House Lawn.

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30-, 35-, 40- and 45-YEAR EKU EMPLOYEES From left are Carroll Hale (45), Susan Kipp (30), Betty Parke (30) and Carol Thomas (35). Others 30 years and up not present for photo: Bob Brubaker, Stu Johnson, Homer Strong, Linda Wimberly, 30; William Davis, Rick Erdmann, Gary Ritchison, 35; and William Nixon, 40.
25-YEAR EKU EMPLOYEES Front row, from left, are Shirley Lowe, Debra Simpson, Brenda Howard and Marianne McAdam. Second row, from left, Kenna Middleton, Edna Renfro and David Dailey. Third row: David Williams, Pat Woods and Pamela Blackburn. Fourth row, from left, Tom Schneid, Sonia Smith and Barbara Howard. Back row, William Way, left, and Donald Alexander.
20-YEAR EKU EMPLOYEES Front row, from left, Beverly Hisel, Stephanie King, Madonna Cain and Jennifer Evans. Second row, from left, Colleen Schneck, Ann Cotton and Anita Foster. Third row, from left, Cathy Robertson, Michalle Rice, Amy Eades and Robin Sparks. Back row, from left, Theresa Jackson, Greg Moberly, James Clark, Elmer Beckler and Adrian Nix.
15-YEAR EKU EMPLOYEES Front row, from left, Jean Arthur, Christina Wilburn, Glen Adams and Shelia Adams. Second row, from left, Vicki Rowe, Donna Ricketts, Stacia Cook-McCoy and Michelle Mouyeos. Third row, from left, Robin Wicker, Debra Walter, Josephine Martin and Laura Hollingsworth. Fourth row, from left, Beverly Dyehouse, Glenda Poynter, Kim Tate, Sue Keeton, Kristine Smith and Billy Martin. Back row, from left, Timothy Wiseman, Richard Tussey, William Staddon, Kyle McQueen, Ryan Baggett, William Beam and Anthony Adams.
10-YEAR EKU EMPLOYEES Front row, from left, Brenda Gray, Kathy Mounts and Debbie Zabawa. Second row, from left, Jamie Haddix, Brigitte Causey, Belinda Begley, Jessica Gernert and Michael McGaffey. Third row, from left, Patrick Begley, Debra Sparks, Amy Coates, Janet Alexander and Debbie Sowers. Fourth row, from left, Shon White, Ronnie Nolan, Gary Folckemer and Kelly Smith. Back row, from left, Brian Mullins, Mark Howard, Brad Early and Thomas Britz.
5-YEAR EKU EMPLOYEES Front row, from left, Elizabeth Keith, Teresa Pasley, Walter Davis, Patti Matthews and Marcus Walker. Second row, from left, Angela Madden, Karen Maloley, Krista Rhodus, Heather Beirne, Kathy Willis and Rella Evans. Third row, from left, William Gulley, Sheila Lippman, Tara Hart-Burhoop and Barsha Rogers. Fourth row, from left, Elizabeth Potter, Christoper Duckworth, Mary Lamar, Jerome May and Constance Sumner. Fifth row, from left, Jennifer Strauel, Patty Sallee, Thomas Parker and Mary Sheets. Back row, from left, Derek Krunchyk, George Gallien and Brett Morris.