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Volume 5 • Number 14
March 15, 2004
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Political Science Majors Enjoy Taste of Presidential Primary Politics
Presidential politics came to life for six political science majors earlier this semester when they participated in the College Convention 2004 at New England College in New Hampshire.

The EKU students were Brad Bowen, Williamson; Bryan Bushnell, Harlan; Christopher Crowe, Gamaliel; Ashley Day-Haynes, Somerset; Nick Maggard, Clarksville, Ohio; and Barrett Ross, Battletown.

They joined more than 1,000 high school and college students from around the country in Manchester, N.H., Jan. 7-10. They attended numerous educational sessions and met most of the Democratic candidates for president as they toured the state prior to the presidential primary.

Day-Haynes said the convention ?provided a real-life example of how motivated and dedicated some people are to their political views, no matter how estranged that may be. It was intriguing to see how many people gave their time and money to a campaign knowing that they had no chance to win the election.?

Maggard said: ?We?d flip on CNN and spot Governor Dean speaking, though in just a few hours, we knew he would be standing in the same room talking with us. The intimacy with the entire process has deepened our understanding and motivated our involvement. We are now political junkies.?

?The entire town of Manchester was a giant political rally,? Ross noted. ?We got to speak directly to several of the candidates. We had an awesome time.?

Bushnell found himself on the other side of the TV camera when he was interviewed on MTV?s ?Rock the Vote.?

EKU paid the registration fees for all the students.

?All the students came back very excited,? said Dr. Kendra Stewart, assistant professor of government at Eastern. ?They became very knowledgeable about issues important to the country.?