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EKU Moves to New Personal Identification System
January 04, 2005
See also: EKU Frequently Asked Questions

Eastern Kentucky University students, faculty and staff will soon have a new way to identify themselves.

In response to identity theft incidents nationwide and rising concerns about the widespread use of Social Security numbers as the primary identifier in web-based programs and records, the University has decided to assign a computer-generated, randomly chosen number to each member of the campus community. The new system will be implemented beginning Monday, March 8, the first day of Spring Break for students.

Students, faculty and staff will no longer find it necessary to use their Social Security number as an identifier for most EKU processes (EKUDirect, Banner, on-line registration, etc.). A new EKU identification number also will be assigned to vendors, graduates, previous students, Model Lab parents and all others who make payments to, or receive payments from, the University. The new ID number will have no meaning outside EKU.

The University will use the EKU ID number as a primary identifier for all business processes. Those receiving a new number will have the option of using either that number or their Social Security number when logging into an EKU web-based system.

Anyone desiring a higher level of security may select an option to make a Social Security number unavailable for use in these systems. For those who choose this option, it will be necessary for the University to continue to store their Social Security number for state and federal reporting; however, they will no longer have the option of using the Social Security number as an identifier, and it will be accessible only to a limited number of campus personnel.

After Spring Break, students will be asked to log on to their web account at EKUDirect to find instructions on how to access and use their new EKU ID number.

The higher-security option will be explained and available on the website.

The Division of Human Resources will be sending instructions to faculty and staff about how log into EKUDirect to find their assigned EKU ID number. The instructions should arrive via campus mail in March.

Once the new ID numbers become effective, all hourly (non-exempt) employees and students must provide the new EKU ID numbers on time cards and time sheets. It is suggested that, during the transition to use of the new number that employees also note the last four digits of their Social Security number on the timecards, timesheets and other pay documents. In addition, because benefit enrollment forms are tied to other systems from various vendors that require use of a Social Security number, all employee benefit-related enrollment forms and processes will continue to require the use of a Social Security number.

Workshops will be scheduled during late February and early March for staff members who frequently use the Banner Student Production system and those responsible for data entry.

No additional training will be necessary for those who only use Banner Finance.

A website will be established soon (and linked from the University’s homepage) with a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and corresponding answers.

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